Create Millions – Create Cheap Drinking Games to trade at Liquor Stores

October 22, 2019

The idea is to make really cheap games that could be stamped or cut via balsa wood. That way you will get a small stand in checkout, and have the online games sell for $5 for you to $7 dollars or whatever profit margin you desire. They would be manufactured in small plastic luggage with hanger holes inside top like these bags but using your design on them.

Ideas for games:

* The action can be made using three little square holes cut right flat piece of balsa solid wood and three little pins cut through the balsa wood that will go with each hole, the pins would stand sheer in the air out of your flat piece of balsa aboard. Then have three minor circle rings cut out and about. Make up rules with a small square piece involving paper and place them inside game, but keep these people simple. For this game anybody would take out your flat piece place it shared take out the about three little pins and push them in the balsa board. The player can and then set the three little rings for the edge of the kitchen table and flick them using finger if they make it onto the pin the other person has got to take a drink/shot.

The ideas for online games are endless and balsa wood can be so cheap. A complete game might be put together for less then a dollar and sold for the 600-700% mark up.

Then contact your community package stores and ask if you possibly could leave some at your register to at no upfront cost on the store. Only do this unless you get established. Have a price place on them for $5 as well as $6 and tell the store you may be back in few weeks to view if they have distributed, let him know that they can pay for people who have sold then. Let him know he can keep a new dollar or two through the sale of each one particular. Leave your business card and make sure they know if they sell out when you return to call that you place a new get.

Once you have built your games popular start off contacting stores nation vast, use the internet and build a website, start a sells team to acquire your games in every package store through the nation. If you have great results, you will have build a multi-million dollar business.

Think it over!
Parties are thrown every weekend and the one solution that happens at nearly all parties are drinking online games. Come up with a number of designs on paper and then you can definitely pay a freelancer for you to draft them into an autocad file to help you have them cut through the balsa wood with a new milling machine. You can discover a freelancer HERE. Just go ahead create an account along with post your listing for someone to create an autocad file from a drawings.

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