Electrical power Marketing Tips 01 – Warning – Marketing Might be Fun

October 22, 2019

Marketing can be fun – but do not be fooled by that facet. Be clear on the intention of your marketing. You don’t market given it is fun. You market growing your business.

Marketing can be fun or it is usually boring. In either case it does not take results that count certainly not your enjoyment level. You must enjoy your business but don’t judge the significance of your business investments by your enjoyment. Creating new ideas along with holding special events might be fun. However the boring facet of marketing might settle more for you ultimately. Evaluate your marketing purchases by examining your revenue.

Base your marketing in systems

Marketing systems are going to pay off greater than promoting madness. Systems are an easy way to an end. The system is just not the end. Therefore create the system, refine the system and automate the system – but focus for the end. Follow your promoting systems diligently. Don’t always be tempted to improvise.

A system is composed of three things:

1. It will depend on a principle.

2. It is just a process.

3. It have to be persistent and consistent.

Systems are certainly not feel-good whims. They are generally planned, methodical and standard.

Apply this three-step process to summarize your marketing systems:

Whenever (event) happens one does (action).

One does this because (rule).

The results are generally ____________

To ensure that this boring things happen consistently you’ll be able to automate using technology, delegate to staff or outsource to your service provider.

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