Windowpane Cleaning Business Names – How to pick a Good DBA

October 22, 2019

Once you begin thinking of a identify, try not to use your own personal name. Like Joe’s Windowpane Cleaning, or Frank’s Windowpane Washing. It is best if you have the words windowpane washing or window cleaning within your business name. I recommend using window cleaning as opposed to window washing as it have a better search ranking on Google.

One simple method to start thinking about names is always to look online at what window cleaners already are calling their business. An important note is you could choose any name you want just provided that there is not another company while using the same name locally. If they are inside another town then you need to be fine. Unless of course it’s really a national franchise then you definitely might run into issues. For example Fish Windowpane Cleaning, this is a name you could not use as this is a national company.

Another important point to take into account when choosing your name is buying a matching domain name on the web. You must have a web site now days and it helps when you can get the domain identify for your website to match your real world business identify. So check out domain websites to find out if the names you are considering are available or if you can find variations that come shut.

I for example pass by SqueakyClean all one phrase, and my domain name is similar. I registered two versions of my business name with all the county clerks office. Remember it is possible to register multiple business names and websites. This is a good idea especially unless you want anyone in your area uncovering a similar name.

When choosing your name make an attempt and think of something which will be memorable. I chose SqueakyClean and my logo can be a duck with a squeegee. I helped a pal with his name which can be Sun Window Washing using a sun logo. Simple and an easy task to remember. Try and consider brand names and the particular logos they use, this will get your mind thinking on the right course.

Rabbit Window Cleaning could be a good one, you can have a fast looking bunnie which could suggest that you will be fast. Essentially your name won’t have to completely refer in your industry which in cases like this is window cleaning, just ensure you have window cleaning some where or some sort of reference to window cleaning within your logo. I actually put windowpane washing under my logo although its not apart regarding my name. I could have used window cleaning except I have the word clean within my name. You don’t want your prospective customers not knowing what you are doing.

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